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The presence of the innovation ecosystem – is an important factor that distinguishes innovation park from ordinary business centers.
2 key elements of UNIT.City ecosystem are the strong community, and quality projects and programs that stimulate businesses to grow faster.
We run projects for
UNIT.City Ecosystem
Since September 2017
Launched projects
Corporate partners for UNIT.City projects and activities
people have passed via our projects (not including 20 000 of events visitors)
7 mln.+
estimated media reach
(with 400+ publications)
We've created and grow
UNIT.City Community
Celebrating a year of cooperation
UNIT.City's first resident companies
Residents-only networking parties and closed events
Residents who have launched joint projects with other residents
$1 mln.
Estimated total savings for startups (thanks to UNIT.Perks)
Featured partners .
More than 80+ corporations and innovative companies have collaborated with us on our projects
Featured portfolio .
The year of building the community, startup ecosystem and corporate innovations
Meet the team behind our key projects
Ecosystem Projects Team
Events team
Media + PR team
Let's do projects together .
Reach best startups, innovative technologies and entrepreneurial community with us
Corporate innovations
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