What solutions
are we looking for
Find out the selection criteria below
We are looking for smartphones-based solutions that can be useful to farmers from all over the world (of course, in Ukraine also).

If you create innovative solutions in the agritech industry – we will be also glad to see your application!
General factors
which we will pay attention to
when choosing a winner
Solutions must be in some way related to agro industry
Projects and ideas, which can solve the problems of farmers around the world.
Possibility of global scaling
The solution must have a tangible financial and social impact with a potential to launch in different countries and world regions.
Clear monetization model
The prototype should have clear mechanisms for monetization for economic feasibility.
Mobile solutions (smartphone-based)
The solution should be easy to work on mobile devices.
Readiness to implement the project in life
The project team should have the opportunity to quickly prototype the solution within the pilot project.
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Submit your application by January 31st